Volume 3,  Issue 2, 2002

Article 28



B.P. 2390, 40 000-MARRAKESH,
E-Mail: mansour@ucam.ac.ma
URL: http://www.angelfire.com/nb/mansour/

Received 5 March, 2001; Accepted 30 January, 2002.
Communicated by: Z. Nashed

ABSTRACT.   The present paper is devoted to the stability analysis of a general class of hemivariational inequalities. Essentially, we present two approaches for this class of problems. First, using a general version of Minty's Lemma and the convergence result of generalized gradients due to T. Zolezzi [23], we prove a stability result in the spirit of Mosco's results on the
variational inequalities [14]. Second, we provide a quite different stability result with an estimate for the rate of convergence of solutions when the given perturbed data are converging with respect to an appropriate distance. Illustration is given with respect to a hemivariational inequality modelling the buckling of adhesively connected von kārmān plates.

[14] U. MOSCO, Convergence of Convex Sets and of Solutions of Variational Inequalities.
[23] T. Zolezzi, Convergence of Generalized Gradients.

Key words:
Generalized hemivariational inequalities, Clarke's gradient, Perturbation, Epi-convergence, Stability, Rate of convergence, Equilibrium problems, von kārmān plates.

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification:
49J40, 40J45, 49J52.

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