Matematicki Vesnik

Vol. 51, No. 3-4, 1999 · Contents

T. D. Narang:
Simultaneous approximation and Chebyshev centres in metric spaces

D. S. Djordjevic, P. S. Stanimirovic:
General representations of pseudoinverses

J. Knezevic-Miljanovic:
A class of growth and bounds of solutions of a differential equation

B. S. Jovanovic, B. Z. Popovic:
Convergence of a finite difference method for the third BVP for Poisson's equation

M. Dostanic:
Relationship between the operators of Cauchy and logarithmic potential type

N. Lazetic:
On uniform convergence of spectral expansions and their derivatives arising by self-adjoint extensions of an one-dimensional Schrödinger operator

B. Stankovic:
Fifty years since the first congress and foundation of the Union of the Societies of Mathematicians and Physicists of Yugoslavia

M. Mrsevic:
Sedamdesetogodisnjica rodjenja Dusana Adnadjevica

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