The European Mathematical Information Service

The European Mathematical Information Service (EMIS) was founded in 1995 as the central portal for electronic math resources in Europe. Since then, with the support of the European Mathematical Society and many publishers, FIZ Karlsruhe has developed the largest open access electronic library in mathematics ELibM as the core of EMIS, as well as many more useful resources.

Mathematics Literature Databases

Literature Databases provide a detailed and complete overview over the publications in a field. The world's most complete and longest running abstracting and reviewing service in mathematics is Zentralblatt MATH with about 3 million entries from 1826 till today. There are also community-specific services as MathEduc for mathematical education, STMA-Z for statistics, io-port for computer science and many more.

ELibM – Electronic Library of Mathematics

The Electronic Library of Mathematics (ELibM) is the longest-running and largest open access repository in mathematics.
Today, the library contains more than 100 journals, proceedings und electronic books. More than 40 mirrors provide quick access from all over the world.

ECM 2012

ECM 2012

6th European Congress of Mathematics
July 2-7, 2012 – Kraków, Poland
Marie Curie Actions

International Call for Researchers

Ikerbasque has launched an international call to attract 20 senior researchers to the Basque Country

European Mathematical Society

Please visit the new website of the EMS – the European Mathematical Society

MSC 2010

The revised Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC2010) is available online and on CD-ROM

European and International Mirror Servers

The EMIS services are available from a number of mirror sites (currently about 40) that replicate the whole contents of the server.