Matematicki Vesnik

Vol. 62, No. 3, 2010 · Contents

M. Ahmad:
On semi-invariant submanifolds of a nearly Kenmotsu manifold with the canonical semi-symmetric semi-metric connection

Z. Duszynski:
On $s$-closedness and $\Cal S$-closedness in topological spaces

M. K. Aouf, R. M. El-Ashwah and S. M. El-Deeb:
Certain classes of univalent functions with negative coefficients and $n$-starlike with respect to certain points

E. Wolf:
Weighted composition operators acting between weighted Bbergman spaces and weighted Banach spaces of holomorphic functions on the unit ball

M. Tomic:
On respresentation of derivatives of functions in $L_p$

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