Matematicki Vesnik

Vol. 61, No. 3, 2009 · Contents

S. Ganguly, S. Jana and R. Sen:
A new hyperspace topology and the study of the function space $\theta^*$-$LC(X,Y)$

M. Scheepers:
Selection principles and Baire spaces

Ali Fora, A. Bellour, A. Al-Bsoul:
Some results in fixed point theory concerning generalized metric spaces

Xun Ge:
On $so$-metrizable spaces

K. Singh, K. Kaur:
On $L^{1}$-convergence of certain generalized modified trigonometric sums

G. P. Tripathi:
Compactness and weak compactness of elementary operators on $B(l^2)$ induced by composition operators on $l^2$

Z. Ercan:
Riesz spaces of measures on semirings

Kedian Li:
Characterizations of $\delta$-stratifiable spaces

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