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Volume 5 (2010), No. 1

1. On the Betti numbers of a loop space

Samson Saneblidze, 1-13

2. Algebras over Cobar(coFrob)

Gabriel C. Drummond-Cole, John Terilla and Thomas Tradler, 15-36

3. Sheaves of ordered spaces and interval theories

Krzysztof Worytkiewicz, 37-61

4. The $\Gamma$-structure of an additive track category

Gerald Gaudens, 63-95

5. A rational obstruction to be a Gottlieb map

Toshihiro Yamaguchi, 97-111

6. On Graded Simple Algebras

Roozbeh Hazrat and Judith R. Millar, 113-124

7. Rational formality of mapping spaces

Yves Félix, 125-131

8. $A_\infty$-monads and completion

Tilman Bauer and Assaf Libman, 133-155

9. Equivariant Twisted Cartan Cohomology Theory

Debasis Sen, 157-169

10. Connections and Parallel Transport

Florin Dumitrescu, 171-175

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