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Journal of Homotopy and Related Structures is an all-electronic journal which uses the TeX typesetting system to define its contents and the Internet to disseminate them. Authors are invited to submit articles to any member of the Editorial Board in any standard flavour of TeX (i.e. plain, LaTeX, AMS-(La)Tex.) For more details about the mechanics of submitting an article follow to our Instructions to Authors. If for any reason you cannot use our online submission form, then email the required data directly to the responsible Editor you have chosen and to the Editor-in-Chief.

All papers are refereed and acceptance of an article by an Editor indicates that the high standards of the journal have been met. Articles may be submitted to only one member of the Board.

The final accepted version of a paper is the form that will be in the archive; the author will not be able to make any changes, except: errata and additions can be attached to the end and, where appropriate, footnote(s) may be added to the main text calling attention to these addendums; references to pre-publication versions may be updated to final bibliographic form.

Page proofs will be made available to authors in PDF format. Failure to acknowledge receipt of proofs or return corrections within the request deadline may cause publication to be postponed.

Accepted papers will be archived electronically in Postscript and PDF format by the journal.

Authors retain ownership of copyright to their work, subject to appropriate use of the work by the journal. Before publication the author of each paper should register with arXiv and submit their own work; the reference number of the stored in arXiv paper should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief.

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