Journal for Geometry and Graphics

Vol. 5, No. 2, 2001 · Contents

Imre Juhaz, Miklos Hoffmann:
The Effect of Knot Modifications on the Shape of B-spline curves

J. Lang, S. Mick, O. Röschel:
The Rigidity Rate of Positions of Stewart-Gough Platforms

Emil Molnar, Tilman Schulz, Jenö Szirmai:
Periodic and Aperiodic Figures on the Plane by Higher Dimensions

Yasushi Yamaguchi:
A Basic Evaluation Method of Subdivision Surfaces

Robert A. Wiggs:
Geometry as Transformation

Zlatko B. Gradinscak:
Constructional Graphics Application in Engineering Computer Graphics

Cornelie Leopold, Andreas Matievits:
Studies of Geometry Integrated in Architectural Projects

Kumiko Shiina, Dennis R. Short, Craig L. Miller, Kenjiro Suzuki:
Development of Software to Record Solving Process of a Mental Rotations Test

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