Journal for Geometry and Graphics

Vol. 5, No. 1, 2001 · Contents

Akos G. Horvath, Istvan Prok:
Packing Congruent Bricks into a Cube

Pavel Pech:
The Harmonic Analysis of Polygons and Napoleon's Theorem

Naomi Ando, Nobuhiro Yamahata, Syuta Masumi, Masahiro Chatani:
Shape Grammar and Form Properties of Architectural Figures

Kiyoe Fuchigami:
Analysis of the Spiral Pattern Karakusa

Kazuya Kojima, Mikiya Hironaga, Sadahiko Nagae, Yasuhiro Kawamoto:
A Human Motion Analysis Using the Rhythm - A Reproducing Method of Human Motion

Kazuko Mende:
Light and Shadow in Painting - Concerning the Expression of Shadows in Western Painting -

Takafumi Noguchi, Yoshio Ohno:
A Deformation Algorithm of Railway Maps

Michikazu Ohnishi:
A Photographic Method for Panoramic Sequence with a Regular Camera Part 3: Application to Sky Photographs

Cornelie Leopold, Renata A. G\Žorska, Sheryl A. Sorby:
International Experiences in Developing the Spatial Visualization Abilities of Engineering Students

Eduardo Toledo Santos, Jos\Že Ignacio Rojas Sola:
A Proposal for an On-Line Library of Descriptive Geometry Problems

Emiko Tsutsumi, Ayane Ichikawa, Nana Kadowaki:
Evaluation of Mentally Perceived Differences Between the 3D Objects Used in Mental Cutting Tests

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