Journal for Geometry and Graphics

Vol. 3, No. 2, 1999 · Contents

Georg Glaeser:
Reflections on Spheres and Cylinders of Revolution

Christoph Mäurer, Bert Jüttler:
Rational approximation of rotation minimizing frames using Pythagorean-hodograph cubics

Jana Pilnikova, Pavel Chalmoviansky:
Basis of Quartic Splines over Triangulation

Lajos Varady, Miklos Hoffmann, Emod Kovacs:
Improved Free-form Modelling of Scattered Data by Dynamic Neural Networks

Gunter Weiss, Karla Nestler, Gert Meinl:
Some Moebius-Geometric Theorems connected to Euclidean Kinematics

Hirokazu Abe, Katsuyuki Yoshida:
Measurement of Visualization Ability of Architectural Space

Bruce W. Field:
A Course in Spatial Visualisation

Kumiko Shiina, Kenjiro Suzuki:
Design of Modified Mental Rotations Test and its Error Analysis

Xiaodong Sun, Kenjiro Suzuki:
Evaluation of Educational Effects of the Solid Simulator

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