Journal for Geometry and Graphics

Vol. 2, No. 2, 1998 · Contents

Johann Lang, Hans-Peter Schröcker:
Edge-Orthogonal Patches through a Given Rational Bézier Curve

Eva Knoll:
Developing a procedure to transfer geometrical constraints from the Plane into Space

V. Y. Mikhailenko, M. I. Yakovlev:
Geometric Prerequisites for the Creation and Aesthetization of Trademark Shapes in Graphic Design

Natasa D. Miljkovic, Goran M. Ercegan, Radovan B. Stulic, Zoran B. Jandric:
Computer Aided Evaluation of Total Hip Prosthesis Stability

Hellmuth Stachel:
New Applications of Geometry

Robert A. Wiggs:
Form Evolution: From Nature to Polyhedra to Sculpture

Ronald E. Barr, Davor Juricic, Thomas J. Krueger, Laneda S. Wall, Billy H. Wood:
The Freshman Engineering Design Graphics Course at the University of Texas at Austin

Gary R. Bertoline:
Visual Science: An Emerging Discipline

Eric N. Wiebe (ed.):
The Taxonomy on Geometry and Graphics

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