Referee Instructions

Papers for the Electronic Journal of SADIO must be of high quality and fall within the scope of the journal. The main ingredients to an acceptable paper are:

  1. technical quality,
  2. relevance,
  3. interest and novelty
  4. effective presentation.

Low level in any of these is sufficient ground for rejection. However, reviewers should keep in mind that many papers require substantial revisions before acceptance. Therefore, they should not hesitate to recommend that a paper be rejected pending changes that are required for completeness, correctness, or to substantially improve clarity.

New referees might wish to consult Ian Parberry's useful guide for reviewers.

Please prepare an anonymous referee report suitable for transmission to the author. In addition, please prepare a cover letter to the editor summarizing your recommendation (i.e., accept, accept after revision, reject). You are encouraged to submit your report to the editor by electronic mail.

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November 27, 1997
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