Editorial Board:

The Editorial Board (EB) will be responsible for guaranteeing the quality of the published contributions, and will be formed by first-level scientists and professionals, representatives of different areas and of recognized capacity and trajectory, both from Argentina and from other countries.

The Editorial Board consists of:

Editor-In-Chief: Esteban Feuerstein (Universidad de Gral. Sarmiento and Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Field Editors:

Ricardo Baeza-Yates (Universidad de Chile, Chile)
Sergio Bandinelli(European Software Institute, Spain)
Gabriel Baum (Universidad de la Plata, Argentina)
Leo Bertossi (Universidad Católica, Chile)
Sebastián Ceria (Columbia University, USA)
Juan Echague (Universidad de la República, Uruguay)
Martín Farach (Rutgers University, USA)
Miguel Felder (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Raúl Gallard (Universidad de San Luis, Argentina)
Juan Garay (IBM Watson, USA)
Joos Heintz (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina and Universidad de Cantabria, Spain)
Pablo Jacovkis (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Delia Kesner (Universite d'Orsay, France)
Irene Loiseau (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Alberto Marchetti-Spaccamela (Università di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy)
Claudia Medeiros (Universidad de Campinas, Brazil)
Alfredo Olivero (Universidad de Gral. Sarmiento, Argentina)
Gustavo Rossi (Universidad de La Plata, Argentina)
Jorge Santos (Universidad del Sur, Argentina)
Hugo Scolnick (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Guillermo Simari (Universidad del Sur, Argentina)
Nora Szasz (Universidad de la República, Uruguay)
Alfredo Viola (Universidad de la República, Uruguay)

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March 27, 1998
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