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Publication Policy

The Electronic Journal of SADIO publishes significant research results in all areas of Computer Science and Operations Research. Submitted papers are judged primarily on originality and relevance, but effective presentation is also important. Contributions should conform to generally accepted practices for scientific papers with respect to organization and style.

The technical contributions appearing in EJSADIO may be of the following kinds:

  • Scientific works: original research or experiences articles. These contributions will be evaluated according to their originality and relevance by at least two anonymous referees, selected by Editorial Board members specialized in the corresponding subjects.
  • Extended abstracts of original work. Authors who wish to publish their work with a status that allows the subsequent publication of extended versions in other journals may contribute to EJSADIO. In this case the articles will have status of internal reports. Publication of this papers will be moderated by the Editor-in-chief, advised by members of the Editorial Board specialized in the corresponding subjects.
  • Surveys (refereed)
  • Abstracts of international publications of local authors. The goal of this section is to contribute to the dissemination of the work being done in the region.
  • "From theory to practice". Contributed articles critically describing experiences about the use of theoretical tools in industrial or commercial applications.

Manuscript Preparation

Authors are encouraged to prepare and submit their manuscripts electronically to the Editor-in-Chief (eic_ejs@dc.uba.ar), including a covering submittal letter indicating in which of the above categories the contribution should be considered. The use of standard LaTex, PostScript and PDF formats is strongly encouraged. Transmission of uuencoded compressed or gzipped files by electronicmail will suffice in most cases.
However, the journal will be open to the different alternatives that present technology provides to electronic publication. We believe that at this point it is convenient to be as flexible as possible and incorporate new tools as they become available and necessary. For that reason, contributors to the Journal are invited to propose formats to the Editors, being the final decisions a responsibility of the latter.

Review Process

Submitted papers are evaluated by anonymous referees for originality, relevance, and presentation. The author will be notified of the name of an associate editor who will be responsible for the processing of the manuscript, and should address all further correspondence to that editor.

Procedures for Accepted Papers

Auhors working with latex must prepare the final version of their articles using the style file ejs-article.sty. Click here to get more information about the use of this style.
Authors working with MS-Word are requested to contact the Editor-in-Chief to receive instructions.

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