ISSN 0025-5165 · Volume 50 (1998), No. 1--2 · Electronic Edition

Lj. Ciric, N. Jotic:
A further extension of maps with non-unique fixed points

pp. 1--4 DVI (17K) Postscript (206K)

S. Simic:
Best possible bounds and monotonicity of segments of harmonic series (II)

pp. 5--10 DVI (24K) Postscript (230K)

F. G. Lupianez:
Invariance of fuzzy properties

pp. 11--16 DVI (25K) Postscript (247K)

T. Konik:
The compatibility of the tangency relations of sets in generalized metric spaces

pp. 17--22 DVI (28K) Postscript (241K)

M. N. Mukherjee, A. Debray:
On nearly paracompact spaces via regular even covers

pp. 23--29 DVI (33K) Postscript (254K)

H. Péics:
Applications of generalized characteristic equation of linear delay difference equations

pp. 31--36 DVI (24K) Postscript (238K)

Z. Petricevic:
On S-closed and extremally disconnected fuzzy topological spaces

pp. 37--45 DVI (41K) Postscript (295K)

U. C. De, S. Bandyopadhyay:
A study on generalized Ricci 2-recurrent spaces

pp. 47--52 DVI (25K) Postscript (239K)

M. Novkovic:
On Laplace autoregressive time series models

pp. 53--56 DVI (19K) Postscript (205K)

M. Prvanovic:
On a curvature tensor of Kähler type in an almost Hermitian and almost para-Hermitian manifold

pp. 57--64 DVI (33K) Postscript (236K)

A. Takaci, N. Teofanov:
Corrigendum to ``A note on wavelets and S-asymptotics''

pp. 65--66 DVI (7K) Postscript (189K)