ISSN 0025-5165 · Volume 49 (1997), No. 2 · Electronic Edition

M. Janic:
$H$-projecting in $n$-dimensional Euclidean space $E^n$

pp. 77--80 DVI (21K) Postscript (106K)

B. M. P. Nayar:
Corrections to``Some generalizations of $T_D$-spaces'' and ``A generalization of normal spaces''

pp. 81--84 DVI (15K) Postscript (92K)

S. B. Joshi and M. Obradovic:
On certain class of rational functions whose derivatives have positive real parts

pp. 85--88 DVI (14K) Postscript (91K)

B. Damjanovic:
Boundary value problem with shift for two simply connected regions

pp. 89--92 DVI (17K) Postscript (106K)

Om Parkash:
On weighted parametric information measure

pp. 93--97 DVI (23K) Postscript (108K)

D. Bojovic and B. S. Jovanovic:
Application of interpolation theory to the analysis of the converegence rate for finite difference schemes of parabolic type

pp. 99--107 DVI (41K) Postscript (172K)

V. Popa and H. K. Pathak:
Common fixed point theorems for compatible mappings and compatible mappings of type (A)

pp. 109--114 DVI (26K) Postscript (120K)

D. P. Tsvetkov and S. G. Georgiev:
A time-dependent biochemical system

pp. 115--122 DVI (31K) Postscript (141K)

M. Rajovic, D. Dimitrovski and R. Stojiljkovic:
Elementary solution of Vecua equation with ana pytic coefficients on $z$ and $\bar z$

pp. 123--128 DVI (25K) Postscript (127K)

M. Dostanic:
Some estimates of the remainder in the expressions for the eigenvalue asymptotics of some singular integral operators

pp. 129--137 DVI (37K) Postscript (151K)