ISSN 0025-5165 · Volume 49 (1997), No. 1 · Electronic Edition

K. Trencevski:
On two tensor fields which are analogous to the curvature and torsion tensor fields

pp. 3-14 DVI (54K) Postscript (181K)

M. Anastasiei and I. Comic:
Geometry of $k$-Lagrange spaces of second order

pp. 15-22 DVI (42K) Postscript (155K)

M. Bjelica:
Pedals, autoroulettes and Steiner's theorem

pp. 23-26 DVI (15K) Postscript (85K)

S. Mincic and M. Stankovic:
On geodesic mappings of general affine connection spaces and of generalized Riemannian spaces

pp. 27-33 DVI (35K) Postscript (142K)

N. Pusic:
On $HB$-flat hyperbolic Kaehlerian spaces

pp. 35-44 DVI (45K) Postscript (153K)

J. Nikic:
Linear connections compatible with the $F(3,1)$-structure on the Lagrangian space

pp. 45-50 DVI (28K) Postscript (132K)

Lj. Velimirovic:
On the second order infinitesimal bendings of a class of toroids

pp. 51-58 DVI (41K) Postscript (136K)

M. Stojanovic:
Hyperbolic realizations of tilings by Zhuk simplices

pp. 59-68 DVI (40K) Postscript (168K)

M. Sarac:
Octahedral noncompact hyperbolic space forms with finite volume

pp. 69-76 DVI (29K) Postscript (120K)