ISSN 0025-5165 · Volume 48 (1996), No. 3-4 · Electronic Edition

V. Jankovic:
On the impossibility of one ruler-and-compass construction

pp. 73--75 DVI (8K) Postscript (73K)

M. Dostanic:
A basis property of families of the Mittag-Leffler functions

pp. 77--82 DVI (24K) Postscript (135K)

P. Mukhopadhyay:
Characterization of regular semirings

pp. 83--85 DVI (14K) Postscript (89K)

M. Khan, T. Noiri and B. Ahmad:
On $\boldkey P_{\Sigma}$ and weakly-$\boldkey P_{\Sigma}$ spaces

pp. 87--93 DVI (30K) Postscript (129K)

M. Dostanic:
Some inequalities for entire functions of exponential type

pp. 95--98 DVI (17K) Postscript (110K)

S. Stevic:
Asymptotic behaviour of a sequence defined by iteration

pp. 99--105 DVI (32K) Postscript (124K)

M. Mateljevic and V. Markovic:
The unique extremal QC mapping and uniqueness of Hahn-Banach extensions

pp. 107--112 DVI (19K) Postscript (126K)