ISSN 0025-5165 · Volume 48 (1996), No. 1-2 · Electronic Edition

P. Stanimirovic:
General determinantal representation of pseudoinverses of matrices

pp. 1-9: DVI (50K), Postscript (68K)

M. Dostanic:
Some estimations of positive and negative eigenvalues for an inhomogeneous membrane

pp. 11-14: DVI (16K), Postscript (44K)

M. Pavlovic:
Subharmonic behaviour of smooth functions

pp. 15-21: DVI (27K), Postscript (54K)

J. Knezevic-Miljanovic:
Increasing solutions of $(r(x)y^{(n)})^{(n)}=yf(x)$

pp. 23-24: DVI (9K), Postscript (35K)

B. Radunovic:
Convergence in Hausdorff metric preserves geometric shape

pp. 25-28: DVI (15K), Postscript (38K)

N. La zetic:
Estimates for derivatives and integrals of eigenfunctions and associated functions of nonself-adjoint Sturm-Liouville operator with discontinuous coefficients (III)

pp. 29-46: DVI (100K), Postscript (97K)

V. Jankovic:
Solution of one problem of G. Pólya

pp. 47-50: DVI (12K), Postscript (38K)

V. Jovanovic:
On some function spaces that appear in applied mathematics

pp. 51-57: DVI (32K), Postscript (59K)

D. Andrijevic:
On $b$-open sets

pp. 59-64: DVI (22K), Postscript (41K)

S. Nesic:
Dr Zlatko P. Mamuzic (1915-1996)

pp. 65-69: DVI (22K), Postscript (29K)