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Geometry and Graphics

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G. Bertoline (West Lafayette), Y. Charit (Haifa), Chen Jiannan (Beijing), L. D. Goss (Evansville), J. Hoschek (Darmstadt), S. Ino (Hokkaido), R. D. Jenison (Ames), C. Leopold (Kaiserslautern), E. Molnár (Budapest), S. Nagano (Tokyo), M. Palej (Gliwice), K. Suzuki (Tokyo), J. P. Tschupik (Innsbruck), G. Weiß (Dresden), K. Yoshida (Osaka)
Managing Editors
R. E. Barr (Austin), M. Kato (Tokyo), H. Stachel (Vienna)

Journal for Geometry and Graphics
is the Journal of the
International Society for Geometry and Graphics

Aims and Scope

The concern of this international scientific journal is to stimulate scientific research and teaching methodology in the field of graphics and graphics-related geometry by the dissemination of new results. The published papers are ordered into three groups: Theoretical Graphics (Section 1), Applications (Section 2), Graphics Education (Section 3).


One volume per year, consisting of two issues with about 100 pages each.


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Cover page

The figure on the cover page showing a 3D-image of a four-dimensional hypercube has been extracted from a cover design made by Eric and Harriet E. Brisson (Providence, Rhode Island, USA) and Steve M. Slaby (Princeton, New Jersey, USA).

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