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Acta Mathematica Academiae Paedagogiace Nyíregyháziensis, the journal of College of Nyíregyháza (Hungary), publishes papers in any part of mathematics. Manuscripts in informatics are also considered. The papers are refereed in the traditional manner, with one anonymous referee. The journal appears in one volume (two issues) per annum only in electronic form.
We publish the papers in formats PS and PDF. We recommend to print the PS files only. The PDF files are intended to open from web browsers. Instructions to authors.

Founded in 1965 by G. Szász

Gát, G. (analysis)
Kovács, Z. (geometry, differential geometry)

Bácsó, S. (Debrecen): differential geometry, constructive geometry
Bovdi, V. (Debrecen): algebra
Cheng, X. (Chongqing): differential geometry
Deák, I. (Budapest): probability theory, operation research, computer science
Dömösi, P. (Nyíregyháza): cybernetics, theoretical computer science
Gaál, I. (Debrecen): number theory
Goginava, U. (Tbilisi): analysis
Grolmusz, V. (Budapest): combinatorics
Kozma, L. (Debrecen): differential geometry
Kurdics, J. (Nyíregyháza): algebra
Molnár, L. (Debrecen): analysis
Páles, Z. (Debrecen): analysis
Shen, Z. (Indianapolis): differential geometry
Timmermann, W. (Dresden): analysis

College of Nyíregyháza
Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
Nyíregyháza 4401
P.O. Box 166.

|Contents of Vol 26 (1) (2010)|

|Contents of Vol 25 (2) (2009)|

|Contents of Vol 25 (1) (2009)|

|Contents of Vol 24 (3) (2008)| Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Mathematical Sciences ICM 2008, Al Ain, UAE. Guest editor: Mohamed Salim

|Contents of Vol 24 (2) (2008)|

|Contents of Vol 24 (1) (2008)| Proceedings of Workshop on Finsler Geometry and its Applications. May 28 - June 2, 2007, Balatonföldvár, Hungary. Volume Editors: L. Kozma and Z. Kovács

|Contents of Vol 23 (2) (2007)|

|Contents of Vol 23 (1) (2007)|

|Contents of Vol 22 (3) (2006)|

|Contents of Vol 22 (2) (2006)|

|Contents of Vol 22 (1) (2006)|

|Contents of Vol 21 (2) (2005)|

|Contents of Vol 21 (1) (2005)|

|Contents of Vol 20 (2) (2004)| Dedicated to Professor W.R. Wade on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Guest editors: F. Schipp (Budapest), S. Fridli (Budapest)

|Contents of Vol 20 (1) (2004)|

|Contents of Vol 19 (2) (2003)|

|Contents of Vol 19 (1) (2003)|

|Contents of Vol 18 (2) (2002)|

|Contents of Vol 18 (1) (2002)|

|Contents of Vol 17 (3) (2001)|

|Contents of Vol 17 (2) (2001)| Dedicated to Professor Árpád Varecza on the occasion of his 60th birthday

|Contents of Vol 17 (1) (2001)|

|Contents of Vol 16 (2000)|    

|Contents of Vol 15 (1999)|    

|Contents of Vol 14 (1998)|    

ISSN 1786-0091 (formerly 0866-0182 until 2003)
This new series was founded by G. Gát and Z. Kovács.

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