Volume 3,  Issue 5, 2002

Article 67



E-Mail: noor@ece.ac.ae

Received 2 June, 2002; Accepted 13 June, 2002.
Communicated by: Th.M. Rassias

ABSTRACT.   In this paper, we use the technique of updating the solution to suggest and analyze a class of new splitting methods for solving general variational inequalities. It is shown that these modified methods converge for pseudomonotone operators, which is a weaker condition than monotonicity. Our method includes the two-step forward-backward splitting and extragradient methods for solving various classes of variational inequalities and complementarity problems as special cases.
Key words:
Variational inequalities, Iterative methods, Fixed points, Resolvent operator, Convergence.

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification:
49J40, 90C33.

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