[62Xxx]  --  Statistics 

  • [62Bxx]  --  Sufficiency and information 
      [62B10]  --  Information-theoretic topics
  • [62Exx]  --  Distribution theory
      [62E17]  --  Approximations to distributions (nonasymptotic)
      [62E20]  --  Asymptotic distribution theory
  • [62Fxx]  --  Parametric inference
      [62F03]  --  Hypothesis testing
      [62F35]  --  Robustness and adaptive procedures
  • [62Gxx]  --  Nonparametric inference 
      [62G10]  -- Hypothesis testing
      [62G15]  -- Tolerance and confidence regions
      [62G30]  --  Order statistics; empirical distribution functions
  • [62Hxx]  --  Multivariate analysis
      [62H10]  --  Distribution of statistics
      [62H15]  --  Hypothesis testing
  • [62Pxx]  --  Applications
      [62P10]  --  Applications to biology and medical sciences


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