[11Xxx]  --  Number Theory

  • [11Axx]  --  Elementary number theory
      [11A25]  --  Arithmetic functions; related numbers; inversion formulae
  • [11Bxx]  --  Sequences and sets 
      [11B37]  -- Recurrences
      [11B39]  -- Fibonacci and Lucas numbers and polynomials and generalizations
      [11B65]  -- 

    Binomial coefficients; factorials; q-identities

  • [11Hxx]  --  Geometry of numbers 
      [11H06]  -- 

    Lattices and convex bodies

  • [11Kxx]  --  Probabilistic theory: distribution modulo $1$; metric theory of algorithms
      [11K31]  -- 

    Special sequences

      [11K45]  -- Pseudo-random numbers; Monte Carlo methods
  • [11Nxx]  --  Multiplicative number theory  
      [11N05]  --  Distribution of primes
      [11N36]  --  Applications of sieve methods
      [11N37]  --  Asymptotic results on arithmetic functions
      [11N56]  --  Rate of growth of arithmetic functions
      [11N99]  --  None of the above, but in this section
  • [11Pxx]  --  Additive number theory; partitions  
      [11P21]  -- 

    Lattice points in specified regions

  • [11Rxx]  --  Algebraic number theory: global fields  
      [11R29]  -- 

    Class numbers, class groups, discriminants

  • [11Yxx]  --  Computational number theory  
      [11Y65]  -- 

    Continued fraction calculations



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