Jozsef Sandor

Foundation Editor



Department of Mathematics,
Babes-Bolyai University,
Str. Kogalniceanu,
3400 Cluj-Napoca, Romania 


4160 Forteni Nr.79, R-Jud.Harghita, ROMANIA

Research Areas:
  • 11A (Elementary number theory),
  • 11D (Diophantine equations),
  • 11J72,
  • 11J82 (Irrationality and transcendence); 
  • 11N (Multiplicative numbner theory);
  • 26D15 (Inequalities for series, sums and integrals), 
  • 26D99 (Especially the Theory of means); 
  • 33B15 (Gamma functions)
  • 39B (Functional equations); 
  • 46C (Inner product spaces);
  • 51 (Classical geometry, especially Geometric inequalities);
  • 52 (General convexity);
  • 65B10-15 (Summation of series, Euler-Maclaurin formula);
  • 49J52 (Nonsmooth analysis)
  • 40A (Divergence and convergence of infinite processes);
  • 26A51 (Convexity and generalizations); 
  • 01 (History of Mathematics)


Prefers papers to be sent electronically as LATEX files with a copy in DVI or PDF format.
Papers may also be sent by ordinary (surface) mail.


R.P. Agarwal
G. Anastassiou
T. Ando
H. Araki
A.G. Babenko
D. Bainov
N.S. Barnett
H. Bor
J. Borwein
P.S. Bullen
P. Cerone
S.H. Cheng
L. Debnath
S.S. Dragomir
N. Elezovic
A.M. Fink
A. Fiorenza
T. Furuta
L. Gajek
H. Gauchman
C. Giordano
F. Hansen
D. Hinton
A. Laforgia
L. Leindler
C.-K. Li
L. Losonczi 
A. Lupas
R. Mathias
T. Mills
G.V. Milovanovic
R.N. Mohapatra
B. Mond
M.Z. Nashed
C.P. Niculescu
I. Olkin
B. Opic
B. Pachpatte
Z. Pales
C.E.M. Pearce
J. Pecaric
L.-E. Persson
L. Pick
I. Pressman
S. Puntanen
F. Qi
A.G. Ramm
T.M. Rassias
A. Rubinov
S. Saitoh
J. Sandor
S.P. Singh
A. Sofo
H.M. Srivastava
K.B. Stolarsky
G.P.H. Styan
L. Toth
R. Verma
F. Zhang

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